101 Reasons…

Why I’m glad to be alive~ in no particular order, of course!

Elmer Bischoff, Woman Looking Through Window, circa 1960. Ink on paper

1.Quiet mornings.
2.Bird song.
3.French press coffee.
4.Holding my love.
5.Being held by my love.
6.The smell of soil.
7.The feel/sound of wind.
8.Spring greens.
9.Cool running creeks.
10.Fire light.

11.Bed picnics.
12.Line dried clothes.
13.Scratchy towels.
14.Greenhouses in winter.
15.Newly fallen snow.
16.Rainy afternoons.
18.Puffy white clouds in clear blue sky.
19.The change of the seasons.
20.The ability to hear trees.
21.The smell of fallen leaves.
22.Fresh baked bread.
23.Dear friends.
24.“I love you, Nana”
25.Smiley eyes.
26.Holding hands.
27.Memory invoking smells.
28.Bats at dusk.
29.Tree frogs & crickets in the evening.
31.The smell/feel of old books.
32.Spider webs.
33.Teaching a child.
35.Crocus peeking out of the melting snow.
36.Changing leaves.
37.Champagne for breakfast.
38.First fruit/veg of the season.
39.A comfy chair and a blanket.
40.Napping in a hammock.
41.Tall pointys.
42.Purring cats.
43.Weekend adventures.
44.Coming home.
45.Open windows.
46.Winding wooded roads.
47.Mountain views.
48.Farm stands.
49.New England beaches in autumn.
50.Sleepy little towns.
51.Music in the park.
52.Friends around a fire.
53.Starry nights.
54.Touching another’s heart.
55.Dragonflies around the pond.
56.Country fairs.
57.A day in the city.
58.Open air markets.
59.Wandering in museums.
60.Ice cream after dinner.
61.Japanese gardens.
62.Birthday cake.
63.Apple orchards.
64.Falling in love.
66.Sun salutaions.
67.Candle glow.
68.Rocks & crystals.
69.Scent of flowers on the wind.
70.Cello music.
71.The sight of Luna.
72.Air baths.
73.A kiss on the neck.
74.Afternoon cocktails.
75.A chair in the garden.
76.Connecting to history.
77.Understanding your place in the Universe.
78.Feeling inspired.
79.Inspiring another.
80.Fresh cut flowers on the table.
81.Capturing the perfect photo.
82.Wrapping gifts.
83.Remembering ancestors.
84.Discovering a kindred soul.
85.Evening walks.
86.Mail between friends.
87.Wisdom/stories from elders.
88.Moonlight in your bedroom window.
89.Celebrating the seasons.
90.Connecting to dearly departed.
91.Decorating my home.
92.Being appreciated.
93.Greeting a new day.
94.Tending the hearth.
95.Pulling everything close.
96.Reading under a tree.
97.Rhythmic breathing.
98.Passing on your gifts.
99.Comforting a child.
101.Being magical.

Thank you, Nettie… another fabulous exercise! Initially, when I read your post I caught myself thinking I didn’t have the energy to make such a long list. Which is precisely why I needed to do it. Once I got going, however, I found that 101 reasons didn’t even begin to cover it! There must be a million and one reasons why I’m glad to be alive. xo

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