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Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice , originally uploaded by macsgarden.

Midsummer blessings! xo
Photo © Heather MacGregor


A year in the life…


A collection of CovenSpace blogs from September ’07 ~ September ’08;
I don’t normally save blogs but what a year of enlightenment, growth & gifts… and they need a home! xo

Excerpt from WhiteWytch’s blog;

“I wanted my friend to write a blog on himself affirming why
he will be a success. I don’t know if he’ll do it because he doesn’t want to
look like he was bragging. I told him it’s not bragging – by writing positive
comments about yourself you are sending affirmations to your brain –
reprogramming it – to actually believe what you are saying. Why oh why do we
find it so easy to put ourselves down? Why do we always say “I can’t”
rather than “I can”? We’re our own worse enemies, aren’t we? We
create problems before there are any because we’re always thinking “what
if?” So why worry until it happens? We need to start telling ourselves we can
do things, to be confident in our abilities. Because if we do then the universe
will take note – things will start to change. Our own confidence can make a
huge change to everything we do.”

I am taking my new friend’s excellent advice and
recording for all to see my positive affirmations. Here goes…

I am a powerful and compassionate witch. I am a
wonderful mother and role model to my children and grandchildren. I am a loving
and giving partner to my beloved. I am a passionate and gifted lover. I am a
wonderful friend and truly appreciate and celebrate the unique qualities in
each and every one of my friends, online or off. I am an excellent listener. I
am an extremely talented floral artist, a master, in fact… and I run a hell
of an office! I am an enthusiastic and adept yogi. I give freely of my time and
talents to my community. I am a smart and savvy consumer/recycler. I honor Gaia
and care for all her gifts, no matter how big or small. I am a proficient
baker. I am a natural educator and a life long learner. I am polite without
reproach and am very mindful to think before I speak. I am deeply sensitive and
considerate of the feelings of others, human or otherwise. I share my energies
unselfishly with those in need and am able and open to receive those, of good
intent, shared with me. I have a good appreciation of humor and take pleasure
in the smiles and laughter of others. I have a great laugh and an infectious

This post took me hours… I started it last night and
continued it this morning. I’m not even sure I’m finished, lol! What an
incredible learning experience… Every time I wrote something positive, I
thought of a negative to go with it! Damn, this was HARD! I had always pictured
me as a positive, upbeat kind of gal. But what I was really doing was burying
the negative deep inside, ignoring and harboring, and boy did they resurface
while doing this exercise. I certainly haven’t dealt with everything that came
up in one evening but I know that I’m in a much better place now to accept not
only the nice but the not-so-nice, as well! This is definitely an exercise I
will revisit and I’m sure revise.

I say, without reservation… Do this!

xxx ooo


The veil is thinning…

Thursday, October 18, 2007, 09:09 PM EST [Metaphysical]

Last night I had the most intense dream (I hesitate to even call it that). I
thought about it quite a lot today… trying to hold the feelings I had in the
dream state and doing a bit of analysis, as well. As I sit down to record it,
to share it… I know that I was carried just a bit further down my path last
night… and that is a most reassuring realization.

I’m in a room that is not familiar… There are no windows but there are
closed doors. I don’t feel trapped. I go to a refrigerator and very carefully
remove bread dough, so as not to disturb the very large spider, heavy with
babies, in her web on the top… No fear, I just don’t want to disturb her…
she’s very busy.
I move to the middle of the room and find myself surrounded by many of the
animals in my life that have passed on. I acknowledge each one as I give them a
piece of the dough which I also eat. I feel comforted by seeing them… no
tears. They are well and happy.
I walk over to a couch and lie down. A visible fog falls over me and the most
intense feeling of my Mother I’ve ever had is head to toe inside me and on top
of me at the same time. There are no words to describe what that felt like…
and as I awoke I held that feeling for 15-30 seconds before it left me…crying
but not sad.
There had been no thoughts/words exchanged… just that incredibly intense
feeling of her. I lay there for a bit… telling her I was not afraid, I was
not afraid, I was not afraid. Actually, I might’ve been telling myself (I was
quite shaken and still crying) but I directed it to her.

Just a dream? It sure didn’t feel like that as I awoke… I can’t help but
wonder if it’s a prelude, a practice, if you will, to a more involved
communication. I’m excited to think that but could never be disappointed if
this is all I ever experience. It was amazing. I’ve waited 37 years for that!
I do have just one question…. bread dough?


I am ready…

Wednesday, October 10, 2007, 11:25 PM EST [Metaphysical]

‘interesting dilemma’ has set me to thinking…

her query I posted this response;

my personal practice, on Samhain/All Hallows Eve, I honor the departed of this
earth… some of whom are ancestors and some not… in my ritual the honoree
does not have to have been an ancestor in blood. A spirit or soul holding
special importance or influence in my heart will be attended during this turn
of the wheel. Graves will be tended, pictures
will be placed and table settings are laid out to include them in feast.
Stories are shared with younger generations to pass on the remembrance. These
souls are not kept in somber tone; rather a joyous celebration and grateful
reflection of lives lived…”

idea of communicating with spirit has been, in recent weeks, suggested to me on
more than a few occasions. During the sitting with the stone seer, in
conversations with friends and family, the resurfacing of old photos, in a
recent tarot reading, several times during meditation and yet again in Emily’s
blog. I don’t consider myself dense but I think someone’s trying to tell me
something, lol!

see… every year that I have celebrated Samhain; I remember, honor, share and
feel connectedness to spirit but have never successfully communicated… What I
desire most is a chat with my Mum. I don’t think I’ve ever seriously considered
it a possibility before. Not that I had thought that communication with
departed souls is an impossibility, quite the contrary, but I didn’t feel I was
ready for or, on some level, even capable of it. This year is different… very
different. I know now that not only can I reach that level but that it is being
requested of me. A personal invitation has been received and accepted.

I am ready…


Shadow Work

Sunday, March 16, 2008, 08:25 PM EST [Metaphysical]

To confront a person with their own
shadow is to show them their own light. ~C.Jung

I had not been visited by Mother
Goddess Kali in many years. This past week she comes to me full force to not
just hold my hand into the darkness but full on tackle me! You should know I
never do anything the easy way and honestly, I didn’t see her coming. Steph,
you sure called that one 😉

Here’s the rub… We have to be
willing to step into the darkness in order to own it, acknowledge it and begin
to heal the pain, fear, shame, perceived transgressions that lurk in the
shadows. She will go into the darkness with us… for us even… but at some
point in the process you must surrender fully to her healing power. Only then,
will she bring you back. I’m not yet at the point of surrender… but I’m
close. I’ve wracked up enough shadow work lately to keep both she and I quite
busy… pray for me as I pray to her.

Got this from my dear Niamh… I’m a
cautious Jung fan so I’ll share!

The Portrait of the Counselor (INFJ)

The Counselor Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in
reaching their goals, and enterprising and attentive in their interpersonal
roles. Counselors focus on human potentials, think in terms of ethical values,
and come easily to decisions. The small number of this type (little more than 2
percent) is regrettable, since Counselors have an unusually strong desire to
contribute to the welfare of others and genuinely enjoy helping their
companions. Although Counselors tend to be private, sensitive people, and are
not generally visible leaders, they nevertheless work quite intensely with
those close to them, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes with
their families, friends, and colleagues. This type has great depth of
personality; they are themselves complicated, and can understand and deal with
complex issues and people.

Counselors can be hard to get to know. They have an unusually rich inner
life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with
those they trust. With their loved ones, certainly, Counselors are not
reluctant to express their feelings, their face lighting up with the positive
emotions, but darkening like a thunderhead with the negative. Indeed, because
of their strong ability to take into themselves the feelings of others,
Counselors can be hurt rather easily by those around them, which, perhaps, is
one reason why they tend to be private people, mutely withdrawing from human
contact. At the same time, friends who have known a Counselor for years may
find sides emerging which come as a surprise. Not that they are inconsistent;
Counselors value their integrity a great deal, but they have intricately woven,
mysterious personalities which sometimes puzzle even them.

Counselors have strong empathic abilities and can become aware of another’s
emotions or intentions — good or evil — even before that person is conscious
of them. This “mind-reading” can take the form of feeling the hidden
distress or illnesses of others to an extent which is difficult for other types
to comprehend. Even Counselors can seldom tell how they came to penetrate
others’ feelings so keenly. Furthermore, the Counselor is most likely of all
the types to demonstrate an ability to understand psychic phenomena and to have
visions of human events, past, present, or future. What is known as ESP may
well be exceptional intuitive ability-in both its forms, projection and
introjection. Such supernormal intuition is found frequently in the Counselor,
and can extend to people, things, and often events, taking the form of visions,
episodes of foreknowledge, premonitions, auditory and visual images of things
to come, as well as uncanny communications with certain individuals at a

Could a
girl get a break here, huh?! Blessings and love to all as you start your
week… xxx ooo

How did we get here?

Monday, March 24, 2008, 02:54 PM EST [General]

*This blog is about our outward beauty and my own
coming to terms with my body as I age. I was hoping to spark healthy discussion
on the topic of love for our physical self. As a result, our inner beauty,
which we discuss daily here on CS is not referenced, k?*

When did we, as women… men too!… allow our perception
of physical self to become so distorted? Steph and Eva have really set me to
thinking…. I can’t speak for the men but I know that they are as afflicted. I
can speak, to some degree, for the woman! Here’s my take…

When I think on my personal experience, growing up
feeling subject to modern society’s ideal of beauty, looking about me, feeling
I couldn’t measure up to the f’ing prom queen, who, btw, was my best friend,
lol… I was never satisfied with what I looked like. You know what? Neither was
she… the prom queen, I mean. She was as much a victim as the sweet, equally
beautiful girl in her shadow. Think about that….

What I perceived myself to be… my self worth… was
measured by how flat my stomach was, how big/small my breasts were, etc… you
get the idea. Honestly, no one told me any different.

As I moved into my twenties with three female children
in tow, I realized I needed to effect not only how I viewed myself but my
girls… most importantly, my girls. I couldn’t leave them prey to the same
monster that had tortured me in my youth. I worked really hard to make sure
that didn’t happen with some success, I think.

Seeing the other side of forty has found me faced with
yet another round of battling the beast. I’m in an interesting situation here
for when I became a mother, I was still very much in my maiden body. My mother
body has just now, in the last five years, caught up with me. Confusing, to say
the least. It’s taken me every single day of those five years to welcome it. I
see myself now taking shelter in the Greek ideal. Soft, curvy, feminine… real.
Unfortunately men in Greek ideal aren’t given as much consideration. But woman
with soft ripples, beautifully rounded stomachs, thick sexy waists, ample hips
and thighs, etc… were. While you’re at it, look the ideal in other societies
now and throughout the ages. In many places and through time… you find the
honest, in your face, beauty of REAL woman. Don’t take my word for. Go see for
yourself… google any renaissance or master painter or sculpture in any style.
Botticelli, Rubens… pick one, any one. If we must compare ourselves (and
somehow I feel it is so ingrained in the human psyche that is near unavoidable)
why not use a more realistic measure, heh? Surely you wouldn’t hold Madison Ave above
The Masters? Eva has posted some links on her blog of big, beautiful woman.
They are some of the most lovely photos I’ve ever seen. Beauty in abundance!

I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this… but
I’ll stop now before it ceases to be a blog and becomes an essay, lol!

I’ll leave you with a couple of sketches done by Will.
There are soo many… I wish they had scanned better 😦 There is a man, btw,
that loves the female form, in our many and varied composites, nearly as much
as the very air he breaths! But don’t take my word for that either, I’m his biggest

Soft beautiful folds and curves…

and love… xxx ooo

A beautiful singular…

Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 09:16 AM EST [General]

Judith Foosaner “Kind
of Blue”, 2003, oil on canvas

Lisa said that ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis was the piece of music I brought
to her mind, she was spot on. A most intuitive witch, she is. The reflective,
peaceful… even melancholy feeling that composition brings could serve as the
theme music to my life. This is not a bad thing, not something I wish to change
even. It’s just me…

never spoken… written, as it were, or shared more than I have in this past year
here on CS. My gratitude Pythia, for the outlet… For the previous 41 yrs… I’ve
remained, most happily, in the undercurrent… quietly directing the flow of my
life and my family. It’s comforting to return there from time to time.

evening, around dusk, I felt the pull of the woodland. I needed to touch the
ammonite that I had tucked in the altar. I needed to feel the comfort of the
smells and the quiet. I needed it so strongly that the warm fire and smell of
dinner (ha!) couldn’t even keep me from wandering across the yard and into the
mist that surrounded the trees and lay in the nooks. Even the trees were eerily
silent. I wandered so far, that as night came on, and rather quickly too I
might add, I found myself a bit too far from the safety of the forests edge. I
actually had to find my way back by the distant noise of the highway! I’ll try
to remember the phone and the flashlight next time 😛

this year I had hopes of sharing my spirit. Dreams of a spring full of new to
me shared experiences. That has come to pass but not in the way I expected.
Does it ever? I accept that I am to remain solitary in my deepest depths. If I
am to be honest with myself, I find solace in the detachment.

I have love and companionship in my life? Yes, of course! More than most, for I
am, without a doubt, a charmed soul. What I need to stop doing though is
wishing for more than what it can be by its own nature. I’m a selfish witch. It
is enough… he is enough.

guys, I’m not depressed, lol… just accepting the Universal’s truth for me.
That’s all.

not a sad state of affairs. Quite the opposite… It’s a beautiful singular at my


On being reborn…

Wednesday, April 23, 2008, 08:53 AM EST [General]

I’m sure I’ll look back on this last week and a half
and refer to it as the most pleasant stretch of weather I’ve seen in an age.
Beautiful crisp cool mornings/evenings with abundant sunshine and comfortable
temps (65-75) during the day… It’s my ideal 🙂

We may even be treated to a thunder storm this
afternoon! I’ve spent the last three days immersed in the soil and I’m feeling
much more balanced. As if I may still have a purpose left… I was beginning to
wonder. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in every one else’s day to day I forget
what it’s like to just be… I remember now. A most timely reminder… thank you,
Steph. Yes, Kali is still with me… I will listen and abide.

That was most evident yesterday when I looked at our
bank account and found that it was 5 figures in the negative. Not my doing but
quite obviously affects me, none the less. Damn, I didn’t think the IRS could
do that to a joint account. I had another think coming, lol! Kali is visiting
another member of this household, as well. She will transform us all, to be

Now there has been a simple fix to this issue on the
table for many months now and he will not take it. One stroke of the pen and
this will all go away. His pride and ego will not allow him to accept this most
gracious offer. I’ve never been so happy that we don’t actually own anything of
real monetary value. I only hope he doesn’t lose the Jensen to this
tom-foolery. C’est la vie, if that be the case. Something will need to move him
to action.

I will, as ever, remain the positive voice of hope and
love no matter what is thrown our way but, my God’s man… if you won’t help
yourself than please save this family… pride and ego… right up Kali’s alley,
eh? For myself… I have very little of that left.

I am not upset. I’m strangely calm and centered. I know
that we must pass through this door together, as we have passed through many
difficulties over our years. I willingly hold his hand and wait for him to heed
his lessons as he has so many times, with patience and forgiveness, waited for
me to heed mine.

Don’t be upset or worried for me…
it’s all good, I feel it. It has to be done. I would freely give up all to pass
through this door. It’s what’s on the other side that interests me.

and love to all… xxx ooo

On mothering…

Sunday, May 11, 2008, 07:30 AM EST [Celebrations]

ages of Woman: Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt

Mothering is the primal relationship in the universe. It does not
require children, though we know it best in that form.

To mother is to nurture, to cherish, to encourage (to” give
heart’), protect, long for, ache for, to see the future and release it. We
mother children, friends, flowers and forests, puppies and newborn wolves,
community organizations, hopes and dreams.

Above all, we can – we must – mother ourselves.
Leslie Ann Budewitz

Sage Woman Issue 73 Spring/summer 2007

To all who mother…
blessings and love. xxx ooo

Melissa’s Challenge:

I can do this I need to give a bit of background on how I grew up… My natural
mother died from cancer when I was five. I am an only child. We had always
lived with my Nana and her spinster sister, Aunt Mabel so nothing really
changed after she passed. I grew up with NO man in the house… ever. Telling,
eh? Anyway, Nana worked as a LPN in the Veteran’s Hospital to provide, so it
was Aunt Mabel and I most of the time. Well till I was 8… Aunt Mabel passed
when I was 8 and after that I was kind of on my own, day to day wise. I latched
on to which ever friend’s mother was receptive and there were too many of those
to count! It might sound like a sad story to some but I assure you, it wasn’t…
I had a wonderful time and developed relationships with a diverse and amazing
group of woman for which I am very grateful. It’s all good!

honoring my Great Aunt Mabel today for Melissa’s challenge. It’s funny… I
hardly know a thing about her! She never married or had any children. To my
knowledge, she had always lived with my Nana, helping her raise her 5 children
with no husband in the house. When I came into the picture she took charge of
my care as Mom & Nana worked full time. She was well into her sixties. By
the time I entered kindergarten, I was certain the sun rose and set on my very
existence, lol. Learning that it did not was an eye-opener, btw! I have no memory
or concept of her being sick, even though I was to have her in my life for only
3 more years. As I look back through vague memories I now see that she prepared
me for that, as well. For even though she was nurturing to the enth degree,
reading to me and holding my hand till I fell asleep every night, baking
cookies, playing games, tending the garden, feeding birdies and the list goes
on and on…. she encouraged independence and strength. One of my oldest tag
lines is “I can do it myself!” and that, without a doubt, came from her! By the
time I was 6, I could get myself something to eat, wash my dishes, operate the
washing machine and dryer… I could even iron and fold! I could keep myself
clean and brush my hair and teeth without assistance. I could go off into the
barns, the woodland and ride my bike a mile down the road without an escort and
manage not to seriously injure myself, lol! I could read a book, play solitaire
and occupy myself for hours and hours. I could bake cookies, feed the animals,
clean my room, climb a tree… and get down, ha 🙂 , water the garden and so many
other daily chores. She prepared me for her passing and the inevitable ‘taking
care of myself’ that I would need to know to get by day to day.

were invaluable unspoken lessons also. She was a petite woman, austere in
appearance but warm and quick to smile. I never saw her react in anger… ever. I
don’t recall her ever even raising her voice unless it was to call me to
dinner! But somehow you knew that misbehaving in her presence would be a
mistake 😛 She taught me to close my mouth and listen. If I had to pick one
lesson above all others it would be that. To listen, not just with your ears
but silently and with your heart, as well.

Loving and remembering you… dear, Aunt

as within… so without

August 18, 2008, 11:18 AM EST [Celebrations]

Two full nights of resting in
meditation under my mother moon fills me… pushing out the clutter of my mind
and my house. I can hear my inner voice once again. My path is true and
correct. I feel it. Last eve, as I lay in bed, surrounded by restorative
moonlight I remembered.

Mine is a charmed lifetime. Guided by
an intuition bestowed… I am blessed.

A most dear moon sister had her first
experience with drawing down the moon this weekend. It’s comforting to know
that as she was drawing luna into her, I was being filled as well.
Congratulations, my dear sister… may you know that peace and wisdom in all
your lives, both long and short.

moon’s most bountiful and rich blessings are wished for all my moon siblings…
xxx ooo

Nothing endures but change…

September 2, 2008, 08:08 AM EST [Celebrations]

Nothing endures but change. ~Heraclitus

I sit… nearing the marker of another year spent learning, growing and
yes…changing. This is where keeping a blog/journal comes in handy! Looking back
over the year’s posts helps me to take inventory… of feelings, challenges,
milestones and such. I have always maintained that the only true constant is
change. That has never been quite as apparent to me as in this past year.
Indeed, I find myself square in the middle of a transformation. I knew it was
on the horizon. I felt it when I turned 40… and Kali hasn’t left my side for
almost a year now! What I didn’t expect to feel/see were the physical changes,
which inevitably come, so quickly. It shouldn’t surprise me, I suppose… every
milestone many woman experience (in the modern era) I’ve come to before their
expected arrival date. Married with three children by 21, family matriarch
before 30 and grandmother before 40. My maiden, mother, crone is all mashed in
together, lol! It’s hard sometimes to get an accurate sense of self, as you
could well imagine. Among a whole host of lessons learned this past year I
would have to say that one stands out… expand your sense of self. Or my idea of
it, anyway! I can also say with some certainty, at the lovely age of
43’ish… I know nothing, lol! I’m a blank slate! This expansion should be a
piece of cake, eh?! Don’t answer that…

black moon energy was fabulous and so was Sunday’s energy too! Beautiful spell…
but I was a bit thrown off balance by who came to sit next to me in the meditation!
It wasn’t me at all but my Aunt, Nana and two of our departed mows, lol!!! I’m
sorry, guys… I tried to follow along but somewhere along the line I lost
control of the meditation 😛 It was still wonderful… (((group hug))) They
provided a view of self that is invaluable to me and they brought lots and lots
of love!

everything has been harvested save for the tomatoes & pumpkins. I’ll be
doing both for a while yet.

b-day plans… we just can’t fit it into the budget. But I do have something to
admit. Those of you who have read my blogs over the last year know that
whenever I have to go to Bangor
on my b-day (which is when we usually visit) I stomp my feet like a toddler,
lol. Now we can’t go and I’m a bit disappointed. I miss my BettyBoop (SIL) and yes,
fine… the whole family! I know Will feels badly about it too. Maybe we can go
for Thanksgiving? I know I’m pushing it… Em’s for Harvest, Lisa’s for Samhain
and Thanksgiving in ME. It’ll be my birthday wish 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Blessings
and love… xxx ooo

The best gifts…

September 4, 2008, 11:18 AM EST [General]

for all the b-day love sent my way yesterday! You guys are the best. You may
continue all week if you’d like, lol… I fully intend to stretch it out a bit
myself, 😛

an indulgent witch…

days, of late, have been full of handfuls of perfect little pleasures… and by
‘little’ I don’t mean small. Garden harvests, blooming flowers,
comfortable weather, my family’s love (sometimes 😛 ), sweet friends voices,
baking and the list goes on… Yesterday, the first look off the back deck was
a turkey hen and wee ones, plucking their way across the woodland’s edge.
Sorry, no pic… the scene was so poignant I couldn’t move!

gives the best b-day gifts, hands down…

energy I’ve felt since the full moon recharge as been nothing short of awesome!
Divination, meditation, dreams, intuition… all have been heightened. Birthday
gifts from the Universal? Wow! Thanks 🙂

all the icky mundane life crap is still there… the works. Finances have to top
the list, 20 something drama still ranks right up there, blah, blah, blah. So,
nothings ever going to be my idea of ‘perfect’… who cares?! I’ve
carefully crafted my life to maximize the enjoyment of pleasures. Ha! Listen to
me… in the midst of a major financial catastrophe; I’ve immersed myself in
delight, lol. I know it looks quite contrary but it just feels correct. How
uncharacteristic of a virgo, eh?

headed off to play with my wee witchling, Nathan. Take care of you!

Blessings and love… xxx ooo

Home and Hearth

Friday, September 12, 2008, 05:15 PM EST [General]

Hestia, Athenian red-figure kylix
C5th B.C., National
Museum, Tarquinia

friends! (((group hug))) How is everyone? Continually slow & pleasant days
on this end. Canning rush is over and just a few stragglers need to be tended
to… pumpkins, of course… still a few strawberries (gotta love those
ever-bearing plants!), some melons and yes, the tomatoes are still going strong
but they’re slowing down a bit, thank goodness. I was having trouble getting
canning jars, lol. I’ve harvested a second time from the herbs and will have a
nice little supply here for the dark months. Granted they’re hanging all over
the kitchen but I kind of like that look so it’s all good 😛 There’s not a
whole lot of room in here as it is and now I’m bringing in the shrubbery, ha! I
brought all the house plants in yesterday afternoon too! Yikes!!

want a summer kitchen! Does anyone remember those? If I didn’t have to heat the
damn thing I’d live in an old New England farm
house just to get one. (been there, done that) The one at Aunt Grace &
Uncle George’s would be perfect, thank you. It wrapped around one side of the
house, fully screened, TONS of counter space and fabulous old gas range with
lots of burner surface. Really, how can any earth mother be complete
without one? As I just said to a dear friend… I seem to want to draw
everything to me that’s important at this time of year… it’s primal. I love it.

Sale at the Landis Arboretum
this weekend!! I may buy one item… “Goddess grant me strength!” Anyone who
wants to add their energy to that, feel free! I could spend the rent money

up for the full moon and then a trip to Herbal Pagan’s paradise for Mabon! It’s
the anniversary of my pagan awakening, 22 yrs ago… my, how time flies. I don’t
regret a single minute and I’m really looking forward to spending time immersed
in my witchy loves. ❤ Does a soul good, know what I mean?

everyone has a good weekend and a candle burns for all who require my magic.
It’s pretty strong lately, lol… my magic, I mean 😛 But be warned… it’s heavy
with Hestia’s touch! You may find yourself suddenly drawn to baking bread over
a hearth fire 🙂

and love… xxx ooo